TOURISM COTAHUASI : The main attractiveness in Cotahuasi Peru
Posted by Cotahuasi Canyon on 2007/9/24 20:40:00 (15319 reads)

In Cotahuasi, capital of La Unión province, time goes by slowly, as though it were spellbound by the numerous natural attractions surrounding the town, located at 379 kilometers from the "White City" of Arequipa and at 2,683 m.a.s.l.

Its narrow streets tempt to walk by the old buildings of the quiet town, a preamble of the stunning lakes, thermal baths, waterfalls and mysterious stone, puya and cactus forests, which stand out in the surroundings. The following places may be visited:

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TOURISM COTAHUASI : Attractions in Cotahuasi Peru
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Click to see original Image in a new windowThe main attraction in the Cotahuasi area is the Cataratas de Sipia, an impressive waterfall located in the heart of the canyon. The falls are very impressive as the Cotahuasi River plunges 150m through a very narrow gorge where the canyon is no more than 10 metres wide.

However, more than just the falls, the entire setting is spectacular. The views from Sipia are wonderful, and climbing above the falls there is a superb view downriver. Although not at its deepest point, the canyon is still very deep and beautiful here, with the cliffs being many shades of reds, browns and greys.

It is possible, although quite frightening, to walk right up to the edge of the cliff and look down over a vertical drop of several hundred metres.

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TOURISM COTAHUASI : A valley Cotahuasi Canyon Peru
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A valley, a bunch of towns, several snowcapped mountains, tens of cultivation terraces. A waterfall, a couple of hanging bridges, a "puya" forest and also a cactus one. Pre-Hispanic and historical ruins and Aimaran mummies, waris and incas; but above all a gigantic, huge and fantastic canyon: Cotahuasi, the deepest canyon all over the world that has 3,535 meters depth according to the researchers' opinion.

This destination in Arequipa is such amazing! Here, geography is cut by powerful rivers, exciting ravines and deep abysses. Populations, unaware of time passing by, keep their old countenance, refusing to change, refusing to lose their old habits.

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TOURISM COTAHUASI : La Catarata de Sipia Cotahuasi Peru
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Es producida por la caída del rió Cotahuasi. Esta ubicada en el distrito de Toro, a una hora por carretera del pueblo de Cotahuasi hasta el puente de Cuyao, seguido de una corta caminata.

El paisaje que se aprecia durante el viaje es maravilloso por lo que se recomienda (si hay un buen estado físico) hacer la ruta enteramente a pie, lo que toma unas 3 horas, o se puede hacer el viaje en combi (*minibús) hasta el puente Cuyao y continuar a pies lo que toma en total poco mas de una hora.

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TOURISM COTAHUASI : Baños termales de Luicho
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Click to see original Image in a new windowEsta ubicado en el distrito de Huaynacotas a 2 horas y aproximadamente 17 Km. de Cotahuasi y 2 Km. del pueblo de Alca, se halla el Complejo turístico de los Baños termales de Luicho, de conocidas propiedades medicinales y relajantes.

La temperatura de sus aguas, que brotan del cerro del mismo nombre, varia entre los 33º y los 38º grados centígrados.

Por sus propiedades medicinales son recomendadas para pacientes que sufren diversas dolencias como reumatismo, artritis y atrofias musculares, estrés, entre otros.

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