EXPERIENCES : River Cotahuasi in Cotahuasi Canyon
Posted by Cotahuasi Canyon on 2007/9/24 16:00:00 (9684 reads)

The River Cotahausi is one of the premier kayak/raft trips in Peru.

Its officially recorded depth is 163 meters greater than the Colca making it the deepest canyon on Earth.

The added spectacle of cloudless skies, hot springs, pre-Inca ruins, Quechua speaking locals and thundering class 5 whitewater makes this trip the gem of the South American Andes.

The river starts it descent at the 17,960 foot peak of Cerro Supramarca.

Access is relatively easy via a 12 hour bus ride from Arequipa.

The journey takes one up to the Altiplano at 16,000 feet and past the smoldering crater of Sabancaya, and the massive peaks of Corapuna and Solimana.

As the road descends off the Altiplano to the town of Cotahausi it will pass Umahuarco or the "the place of execution". Be sure to ask the driver to point out this interesting pocket carved into the face of the cliff.

Here the Inca bound their prisoners by the wrists and neck until circling condors descended onto their prey. After the passage of centuries of time it is amazing that sun-bleached human bones still litter the base of the cliff.

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